Gina Gabrielle

I've lost 11 lbs and feel great. More sleep and energy.  No more joint pain and sleepless nights. My sleeping patterns have fallen in place naturally, and unexpected weight loss has bee a great gift. Maintaining consistency using the food nutritional system, questioning, and spiritual support will result in a pain free life that is full of energy and smiles from within! - Andrea Black

This is me, 55lbs gone from the picture on the left. Yes, some of the weight was "baby weight" but some people never lose the baby weight. Right?!
I actually weigh now about 25lbs less than before I was pregnant, and that is all from this incredible superfood and nutritional cleansing system. 
I work out only 3 hours per week because I am fueled by the BEST nutrition to make my workouts the most effective, I have so much energy, and ENJOY life even more because I am not analyzing what I look like in the mirror or counting calories!
This system has brought incredible results and EASE into my life. Fan and product user for life!                         -Kristen Maxx

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